Seven Springs All Natural Pork

Why Choose Our Pork?
  • Tastes great! No added water like in grocery store meat.
  • Quality pork. Locally raised.
  • No hormones. No steroids.
  • 100% All-Natural.
  • Minimally processed by a local USDA (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) inspected processor.
  • Born and raised on a local farm.
All Natural & Locally Raised

Seven Springs Farm pork is all natural. We do not use any antibiotics, growth-enhancing hormones or steroids. But just as important, it is delicious and tender.

Our hogs are fed a carefully balanced diet, a vital component in the production of lean, wholesome pork. This diet consists of locally grown corn enriched with soybean for high protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. We also choose to use sound animal husbandry practices instead of depending on hormones or antibiotics to raise healthy animals, thus alleviating consumer concern over chemical and drug residues in our products.

Once the hogs are a certain age and weight, we take them to Harris Country Meats in Greenville TN to be processed. Harris Country Meats is a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) inspected processor, meaning they have a veterinarian inspecting the full process from the time we take our hog to the time we pick up the cuts of meat. This allows us to legally sell our product to the public without any concerns. At Harris Country Meats the carcass is butchered to our specifications and flash frozen.

Bred For Meat

There are SO many different breeds of pigs. Our hogs are Blue Butts, a cross-bred between Hampshires and Yorkshires. They generally have some dark markings around their hind-quarters, thus the term “blue butt”. Blue Butts are one of the best breeds of pig for meat production.

Farm-Raised Hogs


Our “Farm-to-Market Pork” operation offers locally produced pork from conception to pork cuts ready for the consumer to prepare. We want to give consumers the opportunity to purchase pork products direct from a farm that has control over each step in the production process.

“All Natural Feed = All Natural Meat”. You will notice the difference in the taste also.

Naturally Lean

Our locally raised hogs are leaner — a desirable feature among health-conscious consumers who seek both quality and flavor with less fat. The meat is also fresher and better tasting.

All natural, our meat is processed in a nearby USDA inspected facility, and we have a direct relationship with the processor, overseeing quality unlike products processed in large industrial facilities.

Great Taste

Rest assured that our pork is All-Natural. One of the disturbing truths about pork from large factory farms is that you never really know what the animals were fed. Our pigs are fed only all natural grains grown locally – thus assuring that only a natural, whole grain product is fed to the hogs, not byproducts recycled through animal agriculture.

Buying local meats is green, its local and its certainly trending, but the hook is the taste. There is no comparison between well raised local meats and the commodity meats at the grocery store.

Succulent Grilled Pork