About Seven Springs Farm to Table

Seven Springs Farm is a 370-acre working family farm located in Maynardville, Tennessee. Purchased by Rick and Donna Riddle in 1994, the family-run farm & farm store specialize in retail sales of vegetables and fruit, beef, pork, and local farm products. Their wide selection of garden grown fruits and vegetables are hand-picked daily. We are located in the same building as The Winery at Seven Springs Farm. Make your dinner a true, local, farm to table experience with fresh wine, vegetables and beef which are raised and produced on our farm.

Seven Springs Farm products are sold from the on-site Seven Springs Farm Store or visit them at any of the farmers markets in Knox and Union counties that they support.

Our Mission

Our family strives to provide you with an array of fresh, wholesome food from our farm while protecting and nurturing the 370 acres we steward.


Our Dream

Our dream is to create a multi-faceted, self-sustainable market garden that can support local farmers markets, a farm store and a farm CSA.

The History of Seven Springs Farm

In 1996, two years after they purchased the farm, Rick and Donna moved back home to Tennessee after Rick, a veterinarian by trade, retired from a 20-year military career with the Air Force. Donna had envisioned a place where she could grow fruits and vegetables and sell local produce; Rick, a place to raise a few cows and call home. Working with their local soil conservationist, they charted a course for Seven Springs Farm, named for the abundant artesian springs located on the property.

Donna recognized that the farm, if properly developed, had the economic potential to become a supporting family farm and with Rick’s help, drew up a plan to present to their children, Nikki and Jim. Donna wanted her kids to be close, and this was an opportunity to make that happen.

Donna, and her son Jim, have built a thriving fruit and vegetable business, growing over five acres of various garden vegetables and selling locally at surrounding farmers markets in Knox and Union Counties. Donna’s pride are the 18 varieties of northern and southern highbush blueberries which are available for U-Pick in late May and June each year.

In 2015, their daughter Nikki, interested more in grapes and winemaking, started a winery on the farm. She has eight wines for you to taste and enjoy. You can learn more about her winery at The Winery at Seven Springs Farm.

Meet the Riddles

Donna Riddle | Seven Springs Farm in Maynardville, TN

Donna Riddle

Owner / Operator

Donna Riddle is Jim Riddle’s mother. She started the Seven Springs Farm to Table business and now they work together to realize a common dream.

Donna was raised right here in Tennessee in the Knoxville area along Clinton Highway. She and her husband Rick met in high school and married after they graduated. Donna studied Landscape Design in college, so her love of the land has roots that run deep. It was her idea to have a farm produce business when she and Rick purchased their 370-acre farm back in the 90’s.

Rick Riddle | Seven Springs Farm in Maynardville, TN

Rick Riddle

Owner, Veterinarian, Farmer, Consultant

Rick is a veterinarian by training and plays an active role in raising and breeding the Certified Black Angus Beef cattle on Seven Springs Farm. He prefers to serve in a consulting role to Jim and Donna, which leaves him free to spend 110% of his time helping wherever he is needed.

Rick is a native of Tennessee with roots in nearby Fountain City. Rick graduated from the University of Tennessee’s School of Veterinary Science and later went into the Air Force to serve his country and travel the world. After 20 years, he and wife Donna returned to Tennessee and their roots, buying a 370-acre farm in Maynardville, TN.

Jim Riddle | Seven Springs Farm in Maynardville, TN

Jim Riddle

Owner / Operator

Jim Riddle personally takes part in every step it takes to produce everything in the garden — planning, soil preparation, planting, harvesting, selling and marketing.

Jim has lived around the country and has been exposed to many different lifestyles and cultures. He went to Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville Tennessee and went through a four-year Structural Engineering degree program. He decided that the Engineering field was not what he wanted for his future. So after college he moved to Maynardville to help his family finish building their farm from the ground up. With his appreciation for nature, love of working outside, building and creating, and staying fit, he decided that the farm life is what he wanted for his future.

Jim loves watching the progress of similar market gardens. It motivates him because he likes to see the innovative things farmers from around the world do to overcome challenges in this business. He takes the ideas and molds them into his own practice to overcome and be efficient in his very own market garden business.

Jim likes to cook with the different meats and vegetables that he raises. “I’ve always liked to try new foods and create my own recipes.” He’s also quite the adventurer. Their 370 acre farm has a cave that he has rapelled into.