Fruits and Vegetables

Local Harvest Fruits & Vegetables

At Seven Springs Farm we grow fruits and vegetables for the retail market. Our goal is to grow and harvest great tasting produce that you will be proud to serve to your family and friends.

We are incredibly picky.

Did you know that we hand-pick each and every item that we grow (from asparagus to yellow squash) and inspect it for quality? We will stop harvesting produce the minute it starts to get tough or past its prime. It must pass our high standards because we know that you expect nothing less.

Yes, we have heirloom varieties such as Lacianto Kale (a favorite of Thomas Jefferson and grown at Monticello) and Cherokee Purple tomatoes, to name a few.

We take great pride in offering only the best quality produce for sale at our farm store and local farmers markets. We always have some new and interesting varieties to try. Have you tried our Dinosaur Kale yet? We invite you to stop.

Red Peppers
Summer Squash
Acorn Squash
Beans on Vine
Green Beans
Our Farming Practices

At Seven Springs Farm we strive to produce the healthiest produce that you can buy. We do this by using only organic inputs into our garden. We use no synthetic pesticides, no herbicides, and no synthetic fertilizers in the garden. We also practice crop rotation to fend off the growth of fungus or mold that would build up in the soil if we did otherwise. We plant cover crops, such as winter wheat or rye, to add nutrients back into the soil, add organic matter into the soil, and help reduce erosion. We compost all of our scraps and work the “black gold” back into the soil.

Are We Organic?

Although we are not Certified Organic, we follow a strict management system that follows all organic practices. We use no synthetic chemicals in the garden and grow no GMOs.

How We Choose What To Grow

Every year we choose vegetables that will grow well in our East Tennessee climate. We try to grow a very diverse range of vegetables to have for our farmers markets and farm store. After choosing a specific vegetable to grow, we will then pick out different varieties of that vegetable. We choose those that have the best resistance to diseases prominent in East Tennessee. Then we will pick out the ones that have the best flavors, colors, and popularity. We only buy the best seeds from the highest quality seed companies.

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Or view our Crop Calendar for a reference of when your favorite produce is in season!