What produce is in season now?

For general crops by season, please visit our Crop Calendar. For what we have this week, scroll to the bottom of that same page and check out our social media updates on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get these updates sent to you.

Does my wine club membership give me a 10% discount on your farm produce and meat?

When you make your purchase at our farm store in Maynardville TN, your wine club discount of 10% will be applied at checkout.

Can I request a new vegetable for you to plant next season?

People may request certain varieties of vegetables to grow next season. Having a market garden, we depend on having vegetables that will appeal to a large number of our customers. Currently with our farm, garden space is VERY limited. So, each request will be evaluated with this criteria in mind. Who knows, you may suggest the next big hit for our customers!

Do you raise your own cattle and hogs?

We raise 65+ Angus cattle each year on our 370-acre farm in Maynardville, TN.

We buy our hogs from a local farmer who raises them in accordance with our specific criteria for the best taste and quality possible.

Can I sample some blueberries when I pick-my-own?

Yes. We have over 16 varieties of blueberries available for U-Pick and you are welcome to taste them out in the field to find the ones that you prefer.